rone – tohu bohu (2012, infiné)

beholden to neither the music of his native france, nor the minimal tradition of his adopted home, berlin, tohu bohu is grand in scale, yet delicately intimate: “the concept is, there is no concept” says castex aka rone. in

video directed by filip piskorzynski, featuring natalia dufraisse.


sampling: four tet – pinnacles (2011, text records)

the more i listen, the more i find that people SHOULD sample.

sample appears at: 0:16

four tet – pinnacles (2011)

sample appears at: 4:41

buster williams ‎– noble ego (1975)

carls davis – last decade (2012, planet e)

new work from carl craig, under the moniker of carls davis. sweet and versatile tracks on planet e again!
sketches pt.4 is an hark back to the big-room style that craig basically owned from ‘circa the workout’ through to the early 00s, with no-nonsense, tom-heavy drum programming, dramatic strings and immaculately squelched synth chords.

yay goodies * moodymann

detroit, techno, deep house master and legend, kenny dixon jr aka moodymann released an 8 track ep entitled picture this. the mahogani music‘s owner releases this at scion a/v, for free. it’s very, very, very unusual to see, or ear moodymann releasing digital tracks and on top of that giving them away as a marketing move. anyways i’m sure that at some point a physical release will be pressed. for now we can all enjoy this memorable goodie.

download goodie @ scion a/v

boddika – acid jackson/basement (2012, swamp 81)

through virtue of his unique and almost inexplicable influence on the dubstep community, boddika introduces bass-addicted cock jockeys to the wonders of the screaming 303. and the raw, unholy power of the relentless 808 cowbell. highly recommended!!!

alienwares and laser-guided stares, “swamped” in 808 subs the size of the moon. out on swamp81

enola – slowotion (nhar remix)

enola came to us with slow motion featuring the vocals of will caulfield. its something different for enola, and something different for us…

on the flip side, nhar, the other half of correspondant turns the darkness into light with for me, his best remix to date. if the original is for 5 am, nhars remix is for 5pm, when the sun still shines and its warmth still remains.

lee jones – the moose mingles ep (2011, aus music)

…”westworld” is the bonus track of this ep and one which makes great use of a large spraying synth sound to join the dots between the blippy, drippy and globular rhythms mapped out all around it.
ra review – kristan j caryl