recommends: poolside – pacific standard time (2012, night & day)

poolside – pacific standard times | cat#: unavailable |2012, day & night recordings

and because summer is here…

the lush synths, dance-heavy drums and bass and falsetto-adorned music of the track “harvest moon” will drag you into a world where pools, sun and piña coladas are only minutes away, like a party where the free design meets g-funk. on their facebook page, poolside duo describes their sound as “great friends, good music, california, and mezcal.”, you know what? …they’re right.


sébastien tellier – my god is blue (2012, record makers)

daft punk associate sébastien tellier released his new album my god is blue, last month, via paris label record makers. it’s the follow-up to 2008’s sexuality.

of the record, tellier says, “don’t listen to my album; listen to my message.enter into vibration with my music. let’s merge our dreams, together spreading this communal energy in an immense blue wave that will wash over the world– and truth will emerge.” adpt. pitchfork

check out the uncensured video for cochon ville.
also be sure check out the full album, especially my poseidon, the la ritournelle follow up.


sampling: greens keepers – keep it down (2004, pleetch)

the more i listen, the more i find that people SHOULD sample.

sample appears at: 0:00

greens keepers – keep it down (2004)

sample appears at: 0:00

the alan parsons project – mammagamma (1980)

sampling: justus köhncke – timecode (2005, kompakt)

the more i listen, the more i find that people SHOULD sample.

sample appears at: 0:28

justus köhncke – timecode (2005)

sample appears at: 0:18

lips inc – how long (1980)
electronic\funk / soul\disco

yatch – shangri-la [remixes ep] (2012, dfa records)

most of us cruise through life from two angles:
most are walking, others are raising hell.

psychemagik remix…highly recommended!!!

yacht – shangri la (remixes EP) | cat#: dfa2332
2012, dfa records

morgan geist – city of smoke and flame (2008, environ)

back to the near future classics.

“…the gloopy soul of ‘City of Smoke and Flame’ with Geist’s slow burnt arpeggios and dripping bassline spooning Greenspan’s vocal like Tom Cruise with that blond lass in Risky Business, proper sensual like.” in