sampling: manhead – birth, school, work, death (2004, output)

the more i listen, the more i find that people SHOULD sample.

sample appears at: 0:00

manhead feat. christian kreuz – birth, school, work, death (2004)

sample appears at: 0:00

kasso – brazilian dancer (1981)


yay goodies * sufjan stevens

Sufjan Stevens – Futile Devices (Shigeto Remix)
original track taken from the 2010 album ‘the age of adz’ (asthmatic kitty)
Sufjan Stevens

another great treat from ghostly.


bugge wesseltoft & henrik schwarz – kammermusik (2011, jazzland records)

duo, é o nome do recente álbum de bugge wesseltoft & henrik schwarz.

henrik adds: “for me this duo is like the first words in a long conversation. the music that is coming out of this sounds very, very new and unheard to me – there is a lot to explore in the future. we have a concept when we sit down. so we know it’s all different, but there’s a certain kind of frame for everything. there’s a starting point.” in buggeandhenrik