jai paul – jasmine (2012, xl recordings)

addicted…hats off!


whomadewho – keep me in my plane (dj koze hudson river dub) (2009, gomma)

not so long ago, a floor pitched track by my good friend tiago @BNGTPDC [twitter sintax] @bar cinema passos manuel (porto), brought my attention and will to revisit some of the great old whomadewho remixes. the track was running man remixed by martin dawson & catz ‘n dogz.

in a weird way, this led me to an weird accident that occurred exactly 3 years ago in new york city.
a plane crash-landed the hudson river, fortunately there were no major casualties.
on the other hand, it also resulted in another brilliant whomadewho track, remixed by dj koze.

so, this is materializada’s tribute to the survivors, the deceased bird that caused the crash and personal heads up to tiago on another pearl of the whomadewho’s catalogue.

sailor & i – tough love (aril brikha remix) (2012, art of vengeance)

the first official remix of sailor & i, tough love is made by Aril Brikha. this session was filmed by kvalität on the 4th of march 2012 in martin landquist Studio, stockholm.


va – secret love ep vol.6 (2012, sonar kollektiv)

the intersection of modern folk music, singer/songwriter, indie rock, and most relaxed end of jazz-house is back. sonar kollektiv’s secret love is one of the top compilation series ever. their testpressing for the vol.6 ep is upcoming this july and features the exclusive remix of the unforscene’s another day, by alex barck. mark your agenda.

the dead rose music company – just a bitter love (2010, wolf music recordings)

a deliciously strung-out midtempo offering that further blurs the boundaries between disco and house by the dead rose music company and the wolf music recordings

carls davis – last decade (2012, planet e)

new work from carl craig, under the moniker of carls davis. sweet and versatile tracks on planet e again!
sketches pt.4 is an hark back to the big-room style that craig basically owned from ‘circa the workout’ through to the early 00s, with no-nonsense, tom-heavy drum programming, dramatic strings and immaculately squelched synth chords.

sébastien tellier – my god is blue (2012, record makers)

daft punk associate sébastien tellier released his new album my god is blue, last month, via paris label record makers. it’s the follow-up to 2008’s sexuality.

of the record, tellier says, “don’t listen to my album; listen to my message.enter into vibration with my music. let’s merge our dreams, together spreading this communal energy in an immense blue wave that will wash over the world– and truth will emerge.” adpt. pitchfork

check out the uncensured video for cochon ville.
also be sure check out the full album, especially my poseidon, the la ritournelle follow up.