recommends: fantastic man – it’s essential ep (2012, lets play house)

fantastic man ‎- it’s essential ep | cat#: lph006 |2012, lets play house recordings

sloth boogie fantastic man really pulls out all the stops on the latest let’s play house release…
feel my bicep heavy ep, littered with killers…keep your eyes pealed!
good bait this ep oozes class from start to finish, puns aside it’s essential listening.



va – secret love ep vol.6 (2012, sonar kollektiv)

the intersection of modern folk music, singer/songwriter, indie rock, and most relaxed end of jazz-house is back. sonar kollektiv’s secret love is one of the top compilation series ever. their testpressing for the vol.6 ep is upcoming this july and features the exclusive remix of the unforscene’s another day, by alex barck. mark your agenda.

recommends: andré lodemann ‎- fragments *remixes (2012, best works records)

andré lodemann ‎- fragments *remixes | cat#: BWRLP01B |2012, best works records

this ep selection features brand new remixes for the south african house group liquideep and the charles webster produced january tuesday both 2012 releases. lodemann’s edit for lusine‘s “two dots” was originally done for private use. now it found its way to a release. lodemann’s mes remix was somewhat overlooked and now receives proper support here. all tracks bear lodemann typical production style creating an epic emotional ride. in kompakt

the dead rose music company – just a bitter love (2010, wolf music recordings)

a deliciously strung-out midtempo offering that further blurs the boundaries between disco and house by the dead rose music company and the wolf music recordings

yay goodies * the rapture – how deep is your love (populette remix)

it almost passed by me, but then again it was impossible to miss, it’s all over this city, isn’t it?

i’m making it kind of a tribute to the rapture’s yesterday’s show at Optimus Primavera Sound 2012 – Porto (which unfortunately i missed), bringing all the materializada readers/listeners one of my favorite tunes at the moment, remixed by the one and only duo populette, for free.

download goodie. enjoy.

bar25 ‘tage ausserhalb der zeit’ * bar25 ‘days out of time’

regie: britta mischer, nana yuriko | drehbuch: britta mischer, nana yuriko | kamera: pepa meissner, alexander schmalz | schnitt: bobby good | musik: reecode
this is the highly anticipated documentary that brings us the story and, most probably subsequent, closing at the end august of the lengendary bar25 club in berlin. known as one the most charismatic techno place in the world, the grand opening took place in 2004 with a six-week-long, non-stop party. klenzendorf was the mentor behind this place with the circus and childhood theme, wich never abandoned this place.

the bar itself was really special, it was a sort of wooden shed that could be used only in summer. on the site there were also a music stage, a fireplace, a hostel with swimming pool and private accommodations, as many people lived on the premises also. toys such as swings or discarded dodgems gave the bar the appearance of a playground for adults. over the years,the most famous djs of the techno scene play in this incredible place.

along with this release comes a compilation of their inner circle of musicians with a unique assemblage of musical contributions from the long-time compatriots of this exceptional location. artists include: acid pauli, soil ain’t solid (feat. reecode), oliver koletzki, marcus meinhardt, nu (feat. joke), niconé & sascha braemer, dirty doering, nico stojan, channel x, britta arnold, daniel dreier & dale, jake the rapper, wareika, budzillus, kiki bohemia, hey-o-hansen, pilocka krach, jahcoozi, dop, lee jones, margaret dygas, don shtone, rizzoknor, beaner and capey cash.

personally, bar25 is one of the most singular, surreal, magical, mystical, special places i’ve been to and will surelly be carried on my mind and spirit for the years to come. anyways my thoughts, as derrick l. carter would say, are that this is: -not an end, but a beggining.

sampling: four tet – pinnacles (2011, text records)

the more i listen, the more i find that people SHOULD sample.

sample appears at: 0:16

four tet – pinnacles (2011)

sample appears at: 4:41

buster williams ‎– noble ego (1975)

carls davis – last decade (2012, planet e)

new work from carl craig, under the moniker of carls davis. sweet and versatile tracks on planet e again!
sketches pt.4 is an hark back to the big-room style that craig basically owned from ‘circa the workout’ through to the early 00s, with no-nonsense, tom-heavy drum programming, dramatic strings and immaculately squelched synth chords.